Source code

Source code for pyownet is hosted on GitHub: . The project is registered on PyPI: .

Python version support

The code base is written in Python 2, but Python 3 is fully supported, and is the main developing language. Running the 2to3 tool will generate valid and, whenever possible, idiomatic Python 3 code. The present documentation refers to the Python 3 version of the package.

Explicitly supported versions are Python 2.7, 3.3 through 3.7.

Install from PyPI

The preferred installation method is from PyPI via pip:

pip install pyownet

This will install the pyownet package in the default location.

If you are also interested in usage examples and tests you can download the source package from the PyPI downloads, unpack it, and install:

python install

In the source tree there will be example and test directories.

Install from GitHub

The most complete source tree is kept on GitHub:

git clone
cd pyownet
python install

Usually the master branch should be aligned with the most recent release, while there could be other feature branches active.

Reporting bugs

Please open an issue on the pyownet issues page.